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        Certified Tijuana Dentist

        We Are Here For You

        Our certified dentists in Tijuana are committed to make you feel, look and have a superb smile. All is done in a safe environment with advanced dental technology.

        Having a Dental Emergency?

        We can help you! We will do our best to schedule a visit on the same day, call us at (619) 259 6751.

        Welcome US PPO Insurance

        American PPO Insurance

        Make your visit even more affordable. We accept and honor most dental insurance plans, from Metlife, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to Delta Dental.

        You can email us or provide your dental insurance information at our office. Please allow 2-4 business days to obtain a detailed breakdown of your plan.

        Smile Makeover Center in Mexico

        Tijuana is the place for food and drinks, but most importantly, with the highest private health care center. Plastic, Bariatric, and Dental surgeries are very popular because the city has become an important medical tourism destination.

        From the beginning, our practice has gained the respect and trust of our patients. Our treatments include porcelain & zirconia Crowns, Biotechniques like bone grafting and even more basic ones, like teeth whitening.

        We specialize in dental implants, in fact, our most common surgical procedure is the All on 4 dental implants.

        When visiting us, you will have your own private operating room. Our facilities have dedicated water and electricity generators. So, in case of any malfunction, we can continue with your operation.

        You can expect a team of certified Tijuana dentist using the most advanced dental technology, thats how we can provide the highest-quality dental work in Mexico.

        We can guarantee this is done in a safe environment.

        Get Ready to Book Your Appointment

        Our dental practice offers a flexible schedule at great prices.

        Our staff is working hard so we can respond to an appointment request in less than 24 hrs.

        In case of a dental emergency, we can also arrange an appointment on the same day.

        We are a Tijuana dental office for the entire family.

        We receive patients from all ages and theyre greeted in a caring and comfortable environment.

        + For a dental emergency, call us at (619) 259 6751

        Your personal information is for our Dental Office only and will be used solely to contact you. We will not give away or sell your information to anyone. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

        Most Popular Dental Services

        At Smile Builders you’ll find a certified
        Tijuana dentist for your dental needs


        We use the most advanced digital dental technology available to keep your smile and oral health looking the best!

        Our practice has modern technology like digital x-rays, a digital microscope, and a 3D milling machine to give you a tooth crown in less than 2 hours!

        A CEREC CAD/CAM allows a less invasive, more efficient and faster care than ever before.

        We are devoted to offer the most innovative dental work in Mexico with personalized services for each patient.

        3D Mouth Scan

        With Sirona 3D scan we create a virtual impression of your mouth

        3D Milling Machine

        In just 8 minutes we can create your
        porcelain or zirconia crown

        100% Color Match

        We guarantee a perfect color
        integration and durability

        Get Your Tooth Crown
        in 2 Hours at $595

        One-visit & youre done


        Getting treated at Smile Builders means youll be surrounded by more than 18 certified and experienced dentists and specialists who will be at your service during the entire treatment.

        Their knowledge, excellence, and detailed work are supported by decades of studies and professional courses.

        We are always ready to serve you. We offer flexible appointments, clear pricing, a complete explanation of your treatment, top-quality customer care and after-care service.

        Let our staff guide you through all of your dental experience. From the first moment you contact us, we will solve your doubts and make you feel at home during your visit.

        Ricardo Guevara, DDS
        Dental Director

        With 27 years of experience and former Dental Director for the Codman Square Health Center in Massachusetts. Our Tijuana dentist has devoted his career to Cosmetic Dentistry.

        Carlos Castellanos, DDS
        Dental Implants & Restorative Dentistry

        Graduated from UABC School of Dentistry with more than 8 years of experience. Passionate about his work and creating a trustful environment. He is one of our most requested dentists.

        Adriana Lares, DDS
        Pediatric Dentist

        Graduated from UABC Dentistry School, has over than 9 years of experience. Providing a professional and reassuring experience to your children.

        Awards and Featured In


        It would really be a disappointment if you were to discover that our amazing savings are the result of lower quality dental care.

        Luckily, thats not the case. So why are the prices so low? There are 3 main reasons for that:

        • Lower clinic operating costs.
        • Lower living expenses.
        • High competition among Mexican dental clinics.

        As you can see, lower quality services and sub-standard products are not on the list. It’s simply a myth that you have to compromise on quality when you opt for dental tourism in Mexico.

        For more expensive treatments, you can especially travel to Mexico.

        As for the relatively inexpensive ones, you can get them while youre already there, or plan a quick trip across the border if you live near a point of entry.

        Dental Treatments USA Smile Builders Savings
        All on 4 Dental Implants (per arch) $24,000 $8250 65%
        Titanium Implant $2,500 $899 64%
        Porcelain Crown $1,200 $595 50%
        Porcelain Veneer $1400 $595 57%
        Zirconia Crown $1,500 $595 60%
        Wisdom Tooth Extraction $400 $160 60%

        24/7 Logistic Support

        We provide all our patients 24/7 logistic support, through a professional KPG (Key patient guide) service.

        You get a personal contact, who will handle all your logistic needs and make sure you have a smooth experience throughout the treatment.

        If you require a pick-up at San Diego Airport or San Diego Border Crossing just let us know, so we can arrange all the details.

        First Visit

        The first visit is the most important in a treatment plan, this includes:

        • Initial consultation
        • Complete x-ray exam, including CBCT
        • Digital planning with phases
        • Priority level treatment plan
        • Payment plans

        Fly-in Program –Its as easy as One, Two, Three!

        Are you interested in having dental work in Mexico at our practice, yet fear it’s impossible to manage due to your location? Fear Not! Many of our patients fly in from all over the world.

        We have perfected the fly-in patient protocol, making it virtually possible for all prospective patients to manage.

        Conveniently located just minutes from the San Diego Border, you can fly-in alone or with loved ones, and we will walk you through a process that will ensure complete care and comfortable, pleasant experience.

        Fly home with a beautiful smile! Its as easy as One, Two, Three!

        Travel to Mexico, Its Easy, Affordable & Safe


        Quartz Hotel (Recommended)
        The most advanced Hotel in Tijuana where wellness matters. Just a mile from the International Border.

        5 Stars Luxury Hotel
        15 minutes away from the clinic
        (664) 607 3112

        Price: $99 per night

        Hotel City Express Plus
        5 starts department includes everything. Located 5 minutes from our office.

        5 Stars Hotel
        5 minutes away from the clinic
        (664) 288 4650

        Price: $77 per night

        Hotel Lucerna
        Dive in and relax in its swimming pool, ideally located at Zona Rio, close to downtown.

        5 Stars Hotel
        15 minutes away from the clinic
        (664) 633 3900

        Price: $127 per night


        Marcus Field

        I have been so fortunate to have been at Smile Builders before they were open and taken on a tour by Tijuana dentist Ricardo Guevara, the clinic director. Amazing place!

        Mono B.

        We make our reservation and after our first visit, were sold! Dr. Hayashi was kind, thorough and non-pushy. The new location is close to the border…

        Kaaren D.

        First time in the office and from start to finish is great, they have the same day crown technology and also their specialist on dental implants. You need to experience this level of dentistry.

        Fong P.

        I love everything about this place! Friendly staff, the place was super clean top of the line equipment I am going back for my second appointment.. thank you, Dr. Ricardo!

        Tony L.

        Very modern, very professional, beautiful office. I felt very comfortable having my teeth whitened here. If I had needed any other work would have been comfortable doing so here as well. The entire staff speaks English and the office accepts US dental insurance and credit cards.

        Michelle c.

        Thank you for being so patient with me! Since being a kid I’ve always hated the dentist but these people were so patient and kind to me! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to rock my smile.

        (619) 259 6751 & (664) 733 8325
        Av. Revolucin 993, Zona Centro,
        22200 Tijuana, Mexico.


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